• Grace Gidley

Your Rules, Your Life

Describe the rules you live your life by and why you follow them.

My response:

1) Money isn't important. Ingenuity/creativity is the only thing I need.

Creative thinking and patience solves most of my problems. Doing something in order to make money requires more effort and time than the money is worth. I enjoy crocheting so if I sell a crochet item it doesn't matter what the price or profit is because I enjoyed making it.

I may complain about having to go to work when I'm tired but there isn't any other job I would rather have and the money I make is not the motivator. My paycheck allows me the freedom to put the time into an organization that I love and still have the time and ability to meet my basic needs. I could make much more money at a different organization but it would not equal the satisfaction I get from my job here. The lack of money just means that I need to get more creative and/or patient in different areas of my life. If I want to buy new shoes/clothes I wait until I have a real need for them and there is a good sale. If I want Chinese food, I make it myself.

I follow this rule because doing something I don't enjoy to make money takes too much of my life away from me.

2) Simple is usually better.

I follow this rule because it reminds me to not over complicate a situation. As a person with anxiety, I need to keep trips and events simple so that I don't worry about all of the little details. Less details means that there are less things that I have to worry about. I also follow it because simple things also tend to cost less money and be more enjoyable than over-complicated things, for example a board game versus a game system.

People say that you need to enjoy the simple things in life. This rule is my version of that saying.

What are the rules that you live by?

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